a platform designed for young adults to develop better habits

NutrixHabits creates a highly-engaging platform offering intelligent recommendations that have been proven to help create better nutritional understanding.

educational features built-in

NutrixHabits is fun but it isn’t a game – science has showed that people learn best in short, repeated spurts. NutrixHabits uses this psychological advantage to help you learn more about what you eat does to your body.

engaging enough for short attention spans

As a team very familiar with young adult education, we’ve crafted a platform that makes everything around nutrition for kids accessible. This means using new-age methods, multiple styles, media, and science all in one app.

focusED on ISSUES

Obesity and ADHD are on the rise all over the world, particularly in young adults! So NutrixHabits isn’t about your looks – it’s about health, and what we can all agree upon is that good habits lead to good outcomes.

habit-building science that works

Research over the years has shown that habits are built through small, repeated steps over time. Most of the time all we need is the right push, and a person who holds us accountable – and NutrixHabits can provide just that.

Individualised data and recommendations

Just as any good plan should do, your NutrixHabits recommendations and plans will change over time. We don’t sell data, we only use it to make things more accurate and effective for you so you achieve your goals faster.


NutrixHabits isn’t an app on the run to make a billion – we’re the result of years of knowledge, collaboration and research into what it take for young adults to learn how to develop better nutrition habits. We take our science seriously and humour lightly.

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers.

No! NutrixHabits is a habit-development platform that uses scientifically-backed elements of game design to help young adults learn better.

Great question! NutrixHabits focuses itself on two main tenets that set it apart: habit development, and AI-based recommendations. Put together, they mean that both creating new habits and sticking to them become easier.

NutrixHabits is currently in beta stage and is looking for early-adoption users to help test its features and shape its development.

NutrixHabits takes privacy extremely seriously. So much so, that in fact your data never leaves your account – it’s only ever used to access your account, manage it, and create recommendations based on everyone’s anonymised habits.

Research shows that steady, consistent changes are what really drive long-term results. This isn’t about quick fixes or becoming dependent on NutrixHabits, it’s about creating habits that make it so you don’t have to worry about your health anymore.

"My daughter has made amazing progress! Now that she understands her choices, she has much more confidence."

Carol A.