NutrixHabits was developed as a way to package up decades worth of obesity-specific nutrition information into one enjoyable app. 

To create this, we’ve relied on sources such as the National Library of Medicine, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the Public Library of Science, and other unbiased randomised clinical trial studies found in the public realm.

The wealth of research indicates that nutritional changes are best gained and maintained by small, achievable steps done consistently over time. We also use gamification and engagement principles to make the platform effective in education.


NutrixHabits isn’t about games or fake promises – we use the latest in science-based research that proves you can build sustainable habits that work against obesity.

“Our mission is to provide all young adults with the best support to improve their understanding of nutrition and create habits that ensure their long-term success in the battle against obesity.”

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Nutrition & adhd

We went through over 50 studies that show both how nutrition affects ADHD and what kinds of foods positively or negatively affect ADHD. We then combined this with other data, as well as habit forming practices, to attack the problems and build good habits.

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adhd affected by nutrition

It’s no secret that nutrition affects certain medical conditions, in particular those around focus. However, we had no idea how much that affect was until conducting further research into the extent of the effects. On top of that, we discovered that when combined with the right treatments or supplements, the effects are compounded – particularly over a longer time period.

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habits over goals

Research over the years has shown that habits are built through small, repeated steps over time and that goals tend to fall off after some time (or after their achievement. In addition, our research has also shown that building good nutrition habits is the most effective way to start managing, treating, or avoiding an ADHD diagnosis. As a result, we focused NutrixHabits on how users can develop better habits through small repeated steps. The ultimate result is that ADHD users can build these kinds of good foods in at first to manage their ADHD, and over the longer term to treat it (to an extent).

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poor nutrition in young adults

As a team very familiar with young adult education, we’ve never been strangers to how much nutrition has played a part in developing young adults. In particular, we’ve seen the effect in education – an effect we’re determined to offset!

the Team

Angel So

Founder and Director

Nickey Khem

Technology & Education Specialist

Ahmed Ebrahim

Technology Specialist

Ashwin Anandani

Designer & Nutrition Specialist

Eric Sun

Nutrition Expert Consult

Leah Wise

Expert Consult